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 We measure:

● Finger Strength-to-Weight Ratios

 (across various hold sizes and grips)

● Finger Recruitment Speed

        a.k.a. - Contact Strength

● Finger Endurance (Critical Force)

● Pinch Strength

● Mobility (shoulders, hips, ankles, spine)

● Core and Leg Strength 

Get a results summary sheet with suggestions and guidance for improvement

There is continuous discussion throughout the assessment as I get to know you, your climbing history, and your goals

I am based out of Squamish, BC.

Contact me below for booking.


$150 (90min)



Strength Training and Climbing Session programming - done remotely and updated on a weekly basis!

It includes, but is not limited to:

● Climbing specific S&C workouts

● Climbing session structuring & drills

● Lifestyle recommendations

(nutrition, sleep, etc.) 

● Q&A on a weekly basis (at minimum)

all according to your specific goals!

*Assessment required prior to programming. - Remote assessment available

Minimum of 2 months (8 weeks) to start

Package pricing for 8 weeks + Assessment - $550

Option* Programming Consultation 

available for building your own program!


$225 (4 weeks)

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Have an injury that has been holding you back ?

A injury consultation can you help you understand what is causing your pain and what steps you can take to overcome it. Reviews

I am based out of Squamish for in-person consultations and appointments. ** Remote also available **

**Injury consultations are chiropractic appointments and can be claimed under extended health insurance**

Or perhaps you would like to chat about climbing and/or training (no injury). I would be happy to dig in and help guide your progression in any way I can!



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I’ve been routesetting commercially for over a decade. Over the years, I've constantly struggled with balancing the workload of setting and my own training & climbing. I always seemed to find myself going through a cycle of injury, fatigue, and loss of motivation. I started working with Dillon about a year ago (Nov 2019) after he helped me rehabilitate an injury. We went through a thorough assessment; measuring strength on a number of different grips/pulls/exercises, discussing nutrition, rest, workload, and goals. He custom built a training program to fit my work schedule. Week to week he checked in, asked questions, provided clarifications, gave me video examples of exercises when needed, made adjustments and tweaks to exercises/reps/sets, and cheered on my progress as I worked through the program. The results were incredible! Both my bouldering and route climbing have improved, I’ve shed a few pounds, I’ve been injury free, greatly improved on some of my weaknesses, and have been incredibly motivated by seeing the results. I can’t thank Dillon enough for helping me break through this plateau and achieve this new level of fitness. It helps me perform better at my job by being able to assess harder moves easier and get through a physical day of setting and forerunning. This, in turn, has let me focus more energy towards my own training & climbing, and the results and personal bests just keep coming - sent my first V8/9 & 5.13b outdoors this season!

Kellen Tapley,

Head Routesetter at True North Climbing

what the intake form looks like:

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